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Drayage Service

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Drayage Service

Understanding the drayage process and its source can assist you to make the most of these logistics services. Drayage is a logistics phrase that affects shipping goods a short distance via ground shipment. In intermodal shipping, Drayage can assist fill the voids. The term drayage refers to a niche shipping service required to move big containers for a ship,  truck, or rail. In terms of shipping, drayage is a crucial step in carrying freight.

Different Drayage Services Includes The Following:

Expedited drayage

Freight compartments are shipped rapidly. This best applies to time-touchy shipments.

Inter-carrier drayage

This is the thing that rings a bell first when the vast majority think about the word drayage. It includes the development of merchandise between various transporters. For instance, transporter drayage may include shipping products from a shipping terminal to a rail station.

Intra-carrier drayage

Intra-transporter drayage includes taking cargo to two distinct center points possessed by a similar transporter. Freight may be shipped from a multi-purpose center to a rail center.

Pier drayage

Do you really want freight to move from a rail terminal to a sea loading bay or dock? You may require wharf drayage. This technique utilizes thruways to get cargo to the dock.

Shuttle drayage

Shuttle drayage includes moving a multi-purpose unit to an impermanent place to pause. This strategy is utilized when the center point of the beginning may be packed.


Delivery by truck of compartment to retail client.


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